Jul 29, 2014

Gaming and Pizza

I've been totally busy with film and comic and general art stuff lately, so much that i hadn't really gamed in a while. I was feeling a lil down about abandoning my gaming friends so for a few days there i just played a shit ton of PS4.
Luckily i got this kick within the brief period that the Destiny BETA was available. I only really got to play it for about a day before it ended but i can assure you it is going to be well worth the $60 standard price. Theres SO MUCH you can do in that game, and im ashamed to say that all the footage i got from playing it was just screwing around with some strangers in the Tower hub...

(i recommend you check out other gameplay videos to get the true feeling of Destiny)
Another fun gaming moment happened just lastnight when my friend Josh came over, we were playing WATCH DOGS when we hacked a road sign and it said "NONE PIZZA LEFT BEEF". Usually when you hack a road sign it'll say something funny from popular internet memes... but we didn't know what this meant. Naturally we took to the internet...
We found that for some reason it has become popular to order "none pizza, left beef" from pizza places... so popular infact that Domino's has an option to order a pizza with NO SAUCE, and NO CHEESE, and just BEEF on the LEFT side. Why? No fucking clue... but we did it.
Just crust with hamburger on the left...

*Note the "URINE" tattoo on Josh's wrist. (you know, the one he got tattooed after Jimmy Urine autographed his wrist).
They actually called us just to make sure we didn't mis-order or something and we had to tell them, yeah we want none pizza left beef. This is why i can't do drugs, im already high on life (>O.o)>
Anywhich, yeah... just thought i'd let you in on some fun little adventures i had.

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