Jul 31, 2014

My Future= Plastron Cafe

plastron  (ˈplæstrən)
— n
    the bony plate forming the ventral part of the shell of a tortoise or turtle

Starting December 1992 and ending July 1993, Plastron Cafe was a short lived comic from Mirage only lasting 4 issues. In the first issue there was a story called "Old Times", about the Ninja Turtle Donatello as an elder turtle. I don't really know why, but for some reason that story stuck with me emotionally and quickly became my very favorite comic story ever written.
Being intrigued by that story alone, i started to pay more attention to the comics themselves. I really loved how it seemed like the comic (as an idea) was like a hangout for all these great artists to just come together, create comics and show them to their fans.
Since i dont really know anybody else who does comics, (not to mention i only make 'em for fun) i can't really do the same... HOWEVER!

I can do this...
*click image to enlarge*

In the future i'd like to open up my own little "studio" where my friends and i could all just hang out and create films, animations, sculptures, comics... ART!!!
But i dont want it to be just a place for us to be total snobs about it! Its basically like a community art center where ANYBODY can come in and be given the materials needed to just CREATE and HAVE FUN! There would be no fuckin membership fees or any other stupid corporate shit like that... i dont think that creativity should have a price tag or monthly bill to deal with.
Now if you know me, you know i have this love (addiction) for coffee. So i plan on having the main entrance area resemble a diner/ coffee shop. It'll all be FREE ofcourse! I bring my own coffee or tea or whatever i feel like making, and people are more than welcome to bring their coffee, too, and make themselves a nice batch!
I've always loved how some people go to cafes to write on their projects or draw or whatever, so in the front, by the coffee bar, there will be stools and booths with tables for people who just want to come in and write or whatever while enjoying themselves with a nice hot cup to quiet the world.
Toward the back of the main area will be very large tables like you would see in an art classroom in a high school. This would be the general area where people would come in to create, basically whatever they want, (if i had the materials/tools to help them out of course!) paintings, sewing, drawing, whatever they can think of!
The walls would be decked out in paintings and murals and things posted up like community bulletin boards, canvases done by the comunity and, well, pretty much anything relevant that people want me to put up! I want the place, at first-glance, to look like a wicked gallery!
In the bathrooms, i'll have a rule where any kind of graffiti goes, as long as it doesn't have the basic R rated chet (nudity, excessive profanity, drugs, alcohol, you know... bad stuff). But yeah, i love going into public restrooms and seeing things written all over the place or stickers and cool street art stuff, so why not encourage it on my property, right?
Off to the left theres gonna be a large open area for community activities, like if anybody wants to rent the space out for  art shows, small indie film screenings, whatever artsy stuff they can think of! (and on my free days, it'll be used for something thuper thweet like a paintball war or somethin neat like that)
The back room and office area will be off limits to the public, and will be like my own little private film studio where i can go to work quietly on my films and whatnot while sippin on some DEATH WISH.
Building space/shape/design.
I plan on either
A.) getting an old warehouse or something huge like that and remodeling it to my custom design and going from there.
B.) building the place from scratch sayin "fuck it".
So yeah, thats my "end" goal! tell me if theres any cool ideas floatin in your head that you think i should/could include in the design or practice! i'd love to hear it!

(NOTE: As i've already said to people before about this idea... if you have any nay-saying to do, do it somewhere else. This is my dream and it is what i am going to do. No amount of bitching you have can stop me. I know the place isn't going to pay for itself, but from where im sitting, its not your fucking problem to worry about, so chill. I don't want people's money, i just want to create a space where all walks of people can come in, enjoy the atmosphere and create art. GREED is a very powerful weapon, good thing im a pacifist.)

Also in this issue!
Welcome to Normality

Jul 29, 2014

Gaming and Pizza

I've been totally busy with film and comic and general art stuff lately, so much that i hadn't really gamed in a while. I was feeling a lil down about abandoning my gaming friends so for a few days there i just played a shit ton of PS4.
Luckily i got this kick within the brief period that the Destiny BETA was available. I only really got to play it for about a day before it ended but i can assure you it is going to be well worth the $60 standard price. Theres SO MUCH you can do in that game, and im ashamed to say that all the footage i got from playing it was just screwing around with some strangers in the Tower hub...

(i recommend you check out other gameplay videos to get the true feeling of Destiny)
Another fun gaming moment happened just lastnight when my friend Josh came over, we were playing WATCH DOGS when we hacked a road sign and it said "NONE PIZZA LEFT BEEF". Usually when you hack a road sign it'll say something funny from popular internet memes... but we didn't know what this meant. Naturally we took to the internet...
We found that for some reason it has become popular to order "none pizza, left beef" from pizza places... so popular infact that Domino's has an option to order a pizza with NO SAUCE, and NO CHEESE, and just BEEF on the LEFT side. Why? No fucking clue... but we did it.
Just crust with hamburger on the left...

*Note the "URINE" tattoo on Josh's wrist. (you know, the one he got tattooed after Jimmy Urine autographed his wrist).
They actually called us just to make sure we didn't mis-order or something and we had to tell them, yeah we want none pizza left beef. This is why i can't do drugs, im already high on life (>O.o)>
Anywhich, yeah... just thought i'd let you in on some fun little adventures i had.

Jul 26, 2014

How i "Religions"...

Since im not a Christian or Catholic person I find myself biting my tongue every day so as not to offend anybody. if I ever say that im not a part of those 2 religions people automatically assume that I "worship the devil" and that im a terrible lost soul bound to get buttsecksd by dat devil tho. Im, I guess you could say... agnostic?
For the longest time growing up I bought into the whole God is watching crap and if you're good you'll get into heaven... yadda yadda yadda.
When I was about 14 I realized that it was all pretty much crap and the religion in itself was filled with so many holes and inconsistencies, and the only answer anybody had for me was "god works in mysterious ways. With that being said I dropped religion altogether and considered myself an atheist.
Over time my opinions slightly changed and as I grew up (both in maturity and in intelligence) and I sort of created my own "religion."
The reason I bring this up now is cuz Ive seen that A LOT of people seem to be sharing my same beliefs and like any missionary I feel I should atleast tell you what im selling.
I promise that my "religion" is 100% FREE, it wont take up your Sundays or Wednesdays, you don't have to pray to some imaginary friend before you eat or some bullshit.
I don't have a title for it since its a way of life and not a social club.
Essentially its a karma based lifestyle, like most other religions. I firmly believe in karma and being rewarded in life for not being a jackass.
Heres a bit of an example for the karmic justice system- You piss in your boss' coffee, you get fired. You make the coffee the best you can and show up to work with a positive attitude, you get a raise/promotion/positivity in the workspace.
See what I mean? If you're a dick, people will naturally be a dick back to you... theres no point in ruining peoples days, honestly, what benefit do you get from being an unlikeable person?
So that's the first point for the lifestyle.
*Just try to be a good person, you'll feel better about yourself while making the world around you pleasant as fuck, too.
Most religions have a ritual that its peeps have to put up with, fuck that shit, so check that off the list.
Moving on to the idol and creation, most religions are all like, lets suck this ever-present dick and maybe he'll love us. Pathetic.
I don't believe this crap simply because theres no proof in ANY religion to show that everything and everyone the worship even exists. Not even people who say they believe in science can say they have proof, they rely on "the big bang" to pin their creation on... that's just a theory.
Personally when it comes to "who created life and why?" I simply say, "why does it matter?"
I see no point in wasting your time worrying about shit that will have no effect on you if you ever figured it out. So to me the meaning of life, is to live. Just don't worry about it, live your life, be happy, and do something productive.
One thing that you can always depend on existing is you! That's right, You! Pat yourself on the back you existing sumbiatch!
There is no bearded old man or six armed blue lady or anything in the sky controlling you or the world around you.. the key word here is YOU!!! You take control of what you do every day, how you live your life and what you do with it. Going back to the karma thing, it isn't a gods fault that your car broke down, its your fault for not getting it checked up on regularly! Its SOOO EASY for the religious types to blame their bad times on someone else cuz it takes the weight off their shoulders, and you know what, that is simply "whatever". If that's what they gotta do to get through their days, more power to them, but they suck as humans and until they learn to take responsibility for their own actions, I give no respects.
Afterlife, the way I see it, what happens to you when you die is either you get skullfucked by maggots or burned to dust in a furnace. HOWEVAH! I believe your mind still stays intact and goes on to wherever you choose. I like to think that when you die your mind basically does what it does when you dream. The concept of "heaven" and "hell" is supported aswell. For example, if you go to bed scared or angry, you're bound to have a negative or bad dream. But if you go to bed having yourself a good day and you're thinking positively and no worries or anything cloud your mind, you're bound to have some crazy awesome dreams. I think the same goes with when your body dies. If you die scared or angry and full of regrets in life, sorry but you're gonna have a nightmare, that's on you bud. And same goes the other way around too.
It all goes back to the karma... treat others the way you'd want to be treated, it turns out pretty sweat!

Jul 6, 2014


So I managed to get at least a rough version of Chapter 1 PART 1 for NOTHING IS NORMAL. This part sums up the first 7 years of my life pretty accurately. Tell me if you like the style or if you have any questions or comments id love to hear em! (promise the whole thing isn't this down, theres some pretty happy stuff in my life too later on)


We're taking an open-minded journey through time to a pocket in my childhood. The path is muddied as its been traveled before. The air is salty and the people are stale, overdone on one side and medium rare on the opposite. They simmer in the leftover barrels of toxic revolt from the decade previous.

Among the rotting rows of empty clothes is a hopeless mother sitting confidently on the seat of a bus. The destination marker reads "NOWHERE, CALIFORNIA". To her right, uncomfortably squirming in hopes of finally getting to go, is her chubby cheeked mistake. We'll call him Tim.

There are brother and sister Tims as well, but I can't see them. They've migrated to live happily (for the time being) with their fathers. Of course I couldn't understand this, I had never had one myself. I was always told that a Mom and Dad are traditional... I guess I've been avoiding traditions since I was born in that case. The god-figure to my left holds me close as more nightmare clowns climb the three steps and the doors slide shut. She isn't the best mom in the world but at times like this she ranks pretty high. We never had all the best things or lived in the safest neighborhoods, but she tried no matter what.

Soon the bus to nowhere would end its run and we'd make our nest. So was the yearly pilgrimage. As I am a child, I pay no attention to my ever-changing bedroom. The wallpaper was flowery yesterday. Now its hardwood panels. Tomorrow it will be greenish gray... Next week it wont even be my room. The sister Tim is back (we'll call her Des), and so is her father.
A sickening smell has crept into my nose and plastered itself onto the walls of my eyes. All I see is a panoramic view of bruising and violent yelling. My god-figure has abandoned me. None of the nests feel like home anymore, the wallpaper seems an infinite loop of beige ribbon. The couch extends itself, grasping for life it twists into a lump of brutality and cigarette smoke. When the moon rises I hide in my cave where I'm safe...

Seven years pass. The phone rings.
I find myself looking down thousands of feet at the map. The outlines moving lazily to the left as I pass overhead, I'm weightless. Sleep. Multi-colored crayon in hand, I watch my feet as they take me from my seat to the rounded door. Am I in the desert? Not yet, just one more hallway. The strategically placed corner pounds my heart with suspense, butterflies turn to dragonflies. The angled shadow of light slides down my face, the corner has been defeated and the reward awaits.
I have a dad.

Jul 5, 2014

Update 7-5-14

Oliver says i cant have the camera back until i put WtN up on YouTube so heres another blog for the masses.
- (minimums) -

I've been occupying myself with this short film project im doin for Klaus tehKurios, ive just got one more character who's lines/ trenchcoat need recording... then i can do a final edit, put in the original bg music that i totally made all by myself.... i was playing around with the keyboard and thought it sounded pretty bawse so i recorded that. Then i gotta animate the intro for it, and do finishing touches. Wrap it in a bow and deliver it to Klaus' dropB! Hows that for a slice of fried gold!?
A note on my book "NOTHING IS NORMAL".
As i believe i originally stated, it was intended to be like a sketchbook/ dream journal/ random chet type book. Well.... i changed my mind. In-fact ive decided to make it basically an "autobiography" type book... 3 dots are the chet!
If you look back, i wrote a blog post titled "My only friend, The End". (title inspired by The Doors) Well the first bit of that post is how the entire book shall be written as i find that style to be FUCKING BUFF! I absolutely adore writing stories completely in metaphor, its what makes life fun. If you dont know what i mean, just read the post. The first bit is the "story" and the second bit is whats REALLY going on in plain english.
Also when i say "autobiography" i mean it. Shit gets personal... and very far fetched too. I plan to keep it in a way where you're reading it going "Theres no fucking way Tim escaped a dragon!" when what im really implying is that there was this person with horrible breath who i
successfully evaded at a grocery store or something. So expect that sometime after WtN and maybe IoHS #1 are released!
Speaking of Intervals of Horrible Sanity!
I've done a couple more pages, i'd have more but im really focusing on this short for Klaus right meow. Anyway, my good amigo Mad Dashiell Johnson finished the artwork he did for the cover of Issue #1.
It looks so damn cool, too!

In addition to that, Dash has also been allotted a 6-page slot in the back of all 5 issues where he will be telling a classic "Meanwhile" story about the comic's main character Aleister DeChant. I'm thuper ecthited about whats gonna happen in the future with these comics. ^_^
ATTENTION: I will also have about 2-4 bonus blank pages in each comic.. this can easily be filled up with friendly Ad-Space! SO! if you have a super bawse project you'd like me to advertise in my comic, hit me up! i would LOVE to have some badashtray images advertising my friends films/comics/music/games/whatever! Best part is it wont cost you a damn thing! Thats right! FREE ADVERTISING MufHuggas! If youre interested contact me and i'll send you an image template so you know how big the pic should be and where the cutoff safe zones are!
Anyway, just thought id share all that business with you, my loyal screen-lookers!