Jun 3, 2014

Update 6-3-14

Welcome to Normality's stats:
SCENEs 1-10, 12 DONE but need music.
SCENE 11 DONE 100%
In slightly related news, i put together a little behind teh scenes video for WtN about the sets and how certain special effects were done up.
WtN: Behind the Scenes (Sets and FX)

Along with that snazzy new video, Klaus tehKurios has asked me to do a little side film project for him that im pretty excited about, not sure how much i should say about it, SO I WONT!!!
I also added my Oyashiro Canvas Paintings back into my little shop, cuz rolo. So if you missed your chance to catch-'em-all last time, they're back! Without a vengance!

I would have posted another visual log for all of this but Oliver hid the damn camera from me... AGAIN.

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