May 2, 2014

My only friend, The End

A child is created and loved for minutes upon minutes by its creator. Passion and pride sparkle in the darkness as the lens flare rounds to the other end, the light strikes into the child's eye and an empty black spills out. Abandoned, the child waits for its creator to return, a month passes, it seems the creator has found himself an old flame... the previously dampened passion and pride now roar with intense ferocity over this growing monster.
The child remains patient, waiting. The creator thrashes violently in the night as sleep continues to allude him. Something pulls his strings into the dark, the old flame now burns deeply in his heart spreading with every molten pump.
Negativity and pessimism pulsate around the creator as he continues to neglect the child he once held tightly in his arms. The rekindled flame can feel a mind's eye jolting from the child and back, envy morphs its way into depression... Depression creeps into the child and mocks the creator, judging every step, every motion until finally the creator falls.
The creatures of fear and loathing tear away at the scarecrow until all that remains is a tiny blackened heart, barely beating. The spark has faded and the roaring fires strangled by doubt and self pity. Atop a shelf, the child sits still patiently waiting for the creator to return...
Dust collects and settles as the orphan's eyes close for the last time. The heart of the scarecrow crusts and molds as the lights are dimmed and the curtains close.
Dont start something as an artist unless you have every intention of finishing it. No matter how dissapointed in yourself you may feel, or how difficult the task ahead may be... you still have an obligation to yourself. If you leave your creation abandoned for too long the fire will go out and it will eat away at you from the inside out until you die, taking your art and whatever it could have become with you.
Why not make a legacy instead of excuses?
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