May 15, 2014

Finishing up WtN- mixed feelings

As of right now Welcome to Normality sits here-
SCENES 1-10 Done but need music.
SCENE 11 Done 100%
SCENE 12 is just storyboarded and ive recorded the first 3 shots of 44. That's about 3 and a half pages of storyboards.
CURRENT RUN-TIME (without SCENE 12) 2190sec or 36.5min
I plan to animate the rest of SCENE 12 in the fantastic world of 2D. I'll be drawing the frames in ballpoint pen on paper then scanning and repeating. Normally I'd be like "Fuck that" but the last scene doesn't have a background and it only focuses on 2 characters (one of which doesn't really move) so it shouldn't be TOO challenging to do. I estimate this will take me 2 maybe 3 days to complete.
After that its up to M dot with the music and believe me I am not rushing him. Dude put out a I am Nightmare, an album, is starting up his own online school, did several little experimental videogame projects AND is still kind enough to help a scarecrow out!
Anywhich... as I near the completion of my nearly 2 year long project ive noticed im getting a lot of mixed feelings about it all. I'm excited cuz I get to finally show the world and I can say "Hey fuckas! I did it, suck it France!" ...but then ofcourse theres that irritating and ever-present self loathing that starts to creep in too. Yay, its almost done... however its not a FEATURE film like I had planned, it took me this long just to create a "moderate-at-best" animated short film, and other things start to weigh into the funk.
And then theres this OTHER funk I find myself flirting with. Its not a angst fueled sadness, but more of a genuine depression. I guess the only thing I could compare it to in order to get my point across is to say that I feel like the mom and dad that chase their toddlers school bus down in the morning just because its hard to let go, even though its still here. I dunno, its weird... I know im still gonna be "art busy" with my comics and my next film, but it just seems weird to look a month or so into the future and NOT see me working on WtN in anyway. Life goes on I suppose...


  1. As far as I'm concerned, an hour is feature length. Most movies are an hour and twenty minutes, and those are Hollywood movies which include like 10 minutes of credits. I had the same feeling with City of Dying Head. But the thing about that is it was my first production, so the animation and structure weren't too good. I was worried about the length of that too, but watching it now I think it should have been tightened up and made even shorter. WTN isn't going anywhere either. It'll stay with you for the rest of your life as the first major milestone in your career.

    1. Yeah I guess in a lot of ways you and I are in the same boat here. Did you happen to feel the way I feelz when you were near done with CoDH?

    2. I was relieved that I was done with it. I wasn't sure if it would be successful or not, so I focused on whether I had done a good job overall. I never felt that it would leave me in any way. I guess I felt that I knew the film too well. I wanted to distance myself from it for a while so I could see it as a typical viewer.