Mar 27, 2014

A book from me? Maybe? We'll see...

I've got this little hardcover sketchbook ive been messin around with, I made the covers all nice and fancy and I even started to draw a comic inside, too.
The comic is called "The Sleepwalking Insomniac: A Welcome to Normality COMIC"
Its pretty much a comic version of the first scene of my movie.
(I have a sad face im gonna mention in a minute so don't get too happy)
Anywhich, I was thinking about taking it further and writing stories, drawing pictures and even doing a couple "dream journal" type entries into the book aswell. Pretty much making it the perfect Variety Book to help others to try and understand what goes on in my head. As of now the book is called (appropriately) "NOTHING IS NORMAL".
I plan on (once I fill up all dem pages) scanning it and releasing it to the wild green internet for to get read and looked at and whatnot. So look out for that once WtN is out and all 5 issues of IoHS have been released aswell.
(now its time for the sad face)
I am now 80% sure that WtN isn't going to turn out to be a "feature length" film. rather a pretty long "short" film.  :/
That really bums me out... im at about 27 minutes now and ive only got 3.5 scenes left to go out of 12 and I suddenly realized that 60min is way off.
Boo hoo poor me, I know... Im still gonna release it the same way I had planned and junk but now a chunk of pride is gone.

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