Mar 30, 2014

Adventures in March 2014!

This month was surprisingly big for me. I'd like to give you a little rundown of why it was awesome for me, then tell you how it was even more awesome for one of my friends.
So my ninja ass kicked itself into gear and i animated 3 minutes of WtN! Holy chet! I started a comedy/mystery/horror reality series called OLIVER and got a bunch of episodes pre-recorded already plus like 20 more already planned out...
I jumped onto 2 other film projects by 2 greatly talented CG animator friends (Lance, Klaus). Got assigned characters and recorded my heart out!
Invested in a new business (big kid stuff) with my friend Dash... plus we talked about the possibility of joining forces on an OTHER side project.
I also added 3 NEW T-Shirt designs in my shirts shop so you should totally check those out!
And just yesterday i made a trip out-of-state for the first time in 10 years and enjoyed the sweet, sweet taste of... Jack in the Box. Ya gotta' understand... the closest one is an hour and a half away and in another state. I've been trapped in this town for the past 10 years with no means of escape.. til now!!!! Muwahahahhahaa..... but seriously i ate like 11 tacos and then some... fat heaven ^.^
BUT WAIT theres more! I (again yesterday) got inFamous Second Son and played the crap out of that til about 12:30 lastnight, then got up at 6:00, went to work, recorded my lines for Klaus' new film and began to type this!
Josh's Day Off
My friend Josh (Voice of Charles in WtN) made a Jimmy Urine, circa " if " cover, hand puppet way back when we were in highschool...
Just the other day he went to an MSI concert and decided it was time to let go of his little Jimmy and he threw the puppet on stage... Jimmy picked the puppet up and set it aside.
Some time later he takes the puppet again and begins to sing and dance all sensual like with the puppet for quite some time... before shoving Josh's puppet down his pants ^.^

Not too long after that he managed to get Jimmy to sign his name on his wrist... a big fat " URINE " was stretched across Josh's wrist in the most Walt Disney-ish looking handwriting ive ever seen. Josh immediately traveled to a tattoo place and got that signature forever inked into his wrist.
As awesome as that is, Josh still has URINE on his wrist...
Also in this issue...
Visual Log 033014

Mar 27, 2014

A book from me? Maybe? We'll see...

I've got this little hardcover sketchbook ive been messin around with, I made the covers all nice and fancy and I even started to draw a comic inside, too.
The comic is called "The Sleepwalking Insomniac: A Welcome to Normality COMIC"
Its pretty much a comic version of the first scene of my movie.
(I have a sad face im gonna mention in a minute so don't get too happy)
Anywhich, I was thinking about taking it further and writing stories, drawing pictures and even doing a couple "dream journal" type entries into the book aswell. Pretty much making it the perfect Variety Book to help others to try and understand what goes on in my head. As of now the book is called (appropriately) "NOTHING IS NORMAL".
I plan on (once I fill up all dem pages) scanning it and releasing it to the wild green internet for to get read and looked at and whatnot. So look out for that once WtN is out and all 5 issues of IoHS have been released aswell.
(now its time for the sad face)
I am now 80% sure that WtN isn't going to turn out to be a "feature length" film. rather a pretty long "short" film.  :/
That really bums me out... im at about 27 minutes now and ive only got 3.5 scenes left to go out of 12 and I suddenly realized that 60min is way off.
Boo hoo poor me, I know... Im still gonna release it the same way I had planned and junk but now a chunk of pride is gone.

Mar 1, 2014

"Example of the Mind"?

When I talk of my main projects I like to call them "examples of the mind" rather than a comic or a film or whatever. Simply because they are not JUST those material things, if I didn't go out and VISUALIZE those stories and ideas they wouldn't cease to exist, I still have all the stories and ideas projecting vividly inside my mind. There is no beginning and there sure as hell isn't going to be an end to this "madness". (unless I die, which wont happen cuz im like 12 levels higher than you)
But yeah, the world my characters and stories happen to occupy isn't a literal world even in the imaginary universe that is my mind. ALL OF DIS CHET ams whats is a metaphor.
All the characters and events represent different ideas and different points of view.
The characters I have represented as scarecrows symbolize the adult mindset. They are our responsibilities, fears, ideals, you know pretty much anything that comes to play upon maturity. The scarecrows go out, do their 9-5 hanging out on their posts and lead a boring ass life doing what they are made to do and lacking independent thought.
The bird type characters symbolize a childs mindset. Much like the real world birds, my birds are free, (oh snap, like an actual child too!) they come and go as they please with no worries or responsibilities, to them anything is possible and there is no problem that cant be fixed with a little imagination.
Then what happens?
A child grows up for one reason or another, something tragic could happen and they suddenly see the ugliness that is the "real" world... or maybe they just realized over time that their mindset has changed and they no longer think of things the way they used to.
This is represented by the scarecrows moving in and taking over a once bird populated area. New rules are enforced and like a childs sense of wonder, the birds are forced to hide in the dark and left to be forgotten. As a child becomes an adult they may look back at certain ideas they once had and maybe thought very highly of those ideas... but now all they see is impracticality and something that just wasn't as great as their child-self had remembered. This is shown by (in my world) over time the birds who are forced to hide away in caves, they start to mutate and become horrific, barely recognizable anymore.
Now that ive said this little tid-bit, maybe the actions that take place in my projects will make some sort of sense to you. I will say though, that that is NOT what happens in WtN, what happens then you'll just have to figure out for yourself, atleast now you're familiar with the "mythology" that is NORMALITY.