Dec 13, 2013

Klaus tehKurios' City of Dying Head

I got a pleasant surprise when I turned my computer on today. City of Dying Head waiting in my YT subscriptions box. For those of you who don't know, CoDH is a 34.5min animated film by Klaus TehKurios! Im actually in this'n! if you watch you'll see a jacked up undead called Kakhexis, that's me :D
Mr. TehKurios also does the voice of a character in WtN aswell.
You guys should totally get this on DVD by contributing to his next film's IndieGoGo campaign.
Heres some other clickable links too!
Klaus' YouTube
Klaus' Blog


  1. Awesome work, Klaus is a madman. I look forward to more stuff by him.

    1. Same here, im also looking forward to hearing that podcast you've been bragging about

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