May 22, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 052217

Making of Chip Lancer Episode 1

Giving myself a honey bee tattoo

A couple hiccups this week.
A.) i fell asleep almost instantly after getting home yesterday so this post is a day late.
B.) for some reason the 3rd FOOD TIME video was saying that it was unrecognizable when i tried to embed it. Then i noticed that it was all static "error occured loading media" when i went to it. So i deleted it.... i dont have it backed up on my computer either. Oh well. I guess atleast i got 2 this week.

If you want more (and there is more) consider joining my Patreon! I upload tons of stuff to it just for my Patreon peeps, sometimes several secret things a day.
Like early sneak peeks, screenshots, free to use stock footage and effects, and moar!

May 15, 2017

My hard work is actually paying off... go figure.

Im now 20 days into this whole "taking it seriously" thing and i guess its actually working. Who would've thought hard work would yield results?
Ive done well so far with uploading about 3 videos a week and though the videos on their own aren't getting much attention... (in comparison to my past once-in-a-blue-moon uploads) ...they are still getting SOME views. Since im uploading and doing A LOT more now, those tiny bits of attention seem to be adding up... assuming this chart isn't a dirty damn liar.
On top of the uploads, ive been trying out "summary" posts here on my website where i simply upload a collection of whatever vids i had already uploaded that week. Looking at each individual video ive noticed i get 2 view spikes now. Once when its uploaded, then again when i do the summary post.
On my deviantART profile ive been making sure to upload atleast 1 picture a week, with every Wednesday having a new page of IoHS pop up. (along with sketches, screenshots, tattoo progress, etc.)
Jumping to the sharing and social media side of things. I went ahead and got a Twitter and Patreon! (you guys should totally check those out if you haven't already.) Following me would really help out a lot, hell you could even mute my posts and Patreon has a simple "follow" option that doesnt require money spent at all.
With those sites ive been sure to repost ANYTHING i do creatively and EVERYTHING i do to the Patreon, cuz lets face it, if you're supporting me on Patreon you deserve to see where your money is going!
Is this the formula for success? Maybe, i think 20 days is a little early to tell but so far the numbers don't lie...
Now on a serious note.
I have a few creative and life adventures im still working on and about to start on and i would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported me. (both emotionally and financially)
You guys are the bees knees.

May 7, 2017

Apr 30, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 043017

Visual Log April 2017

WtN Bonus Features: Doll Showcase Part 1

WtN Bonus Features: Doll Showcase Part 2

Since i plan on (hopefully) uploading 3 videos a week for the next while, i thought itd be nice to wrangle em all together each Sunday incase you lovely reader(s) missed any. This week we got April's Visual Log, and a couple Welcome to Normality bonus features that never made it to DVD back in the day.

Apr 22, 2017

My Portal fan art became somebodies tattoo!

I was looking through images of Portal tattoos when i came across one that looked very similar to the mural i did on my bedroom wall a few years back.
black painted with a toothbrush, pink with a spray can
This took up the whole wall! Massive!
It was based on the rat man image from Portal
My version was rougher, and featured a straight line heart rather than the rounded one, (and an actually painted cube instead of a picture cut out)
And i guess someone liked it enough to take it to a very talented artist and get it permanently inked into their body!

notice the artist is a real G for giving me original illustration credit
This blows my mind! How crazy cool is that?
Anyway, the real credit for the tattoo goes to skimaskmantiac for putting in the work and doing an epic tatt!
And i know its been years since this tattoo was even done, but thanks and shouts to the guy who got this crazy cool tattoo!

Apr 21, 2017

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Apr 3, 2017

Jemilla Cook, artist or secret werewolf?

(shes not a werewolf, to my knowledge, that made for an interesting title though)

Just got my package in (a week ago) from Jemilla's shop Epheria! I got some stickers and buttons and man they're awesometastic. Ive been wanting that fetus pin for-the-evers and money was always like "shove off you piss paddle" then im like "i dont even know what that means but it sounds rude!".
Eventually money and i came to an understanding and the fetus became mine!
Long story short... check her shop out, its legitness.

Oct 31, 2016

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Oct 19, 2016

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