Jan 17, 2018

Good thing I already gave up on YouTube

All my videos were being yellow flagged anyway so i stopped monetizing a while ago... but this still stings. To think i was just about to upload a video sharing my excitement for getting 100 subs. Then i get an email telling me im nothing and nobody cares. Yep. Needed that today.

Dec 5, 2017

10% off T-Shirts!

T-Shirts sale December 5th and 6th only!
Use the code MERRY17 at checkout to get 10% off!

Dec 3, 2017

Things are changing around here!

I've been making changes and updates to my "brand". Here's a short list of things to expect.

>> No more monthly "visual logs". Subjects will now be covered as they happen, rather than waiting til the end of each month and scrambling to remember what i can tell you about.
>> No more "food time" or "doin things" shows. Though i will still be recording my foods and projects, they will now fall into the VLOG category along with most other topics like above.
>> Green. My favorite color is now my accent color. Expect to see more of it, less yellow.
>> Face revealed. Nobody commented on it, so i guess either nobody cares or it went unwatched, but in my latest scorpion video i showed my real face. Expect more of that.
>> Less "FUCK" words. I'm not going for a family friendly theme or anything, but i've got 4 kids who copy every thing i do, so good examples n all that.
>> Animals and homesteading. What i think sets me apart from other artists is that i don't shy away from the dirt or growing my own food. This is something im proud to share with you, whether its want to watch it or not.
>> No more "taking it seriously". My take it serious approach was to try and make it as a "YouTuber" and establish myself as a content creator. Since i started, things changed on the site making the whole effort... pointless.

My life is changing a whole lot lately. It's been scary. My family doubled in size over night, i moved to a new house/county/town all at once, and next monday i start at my new machinery job.
Since i was 16 i've had the same job and nothing else. I was recently offered a job making more than double what i've been making and accepted. It'll be 10hour days making great money compared to the 8hour less than minimum wage that im used to.
On top of all that, my wife and i will be raising chickens (both laying hens and meat hens) this coming spring, with plans to get beehives and goats shortly after. (for honey and milk) As far as plant-life foods, i will try my hand at growing potatoes, onions, bell peppers, pumpkins, and tomatoes.
For the sake of "branding", i would like to be the guy who makes cool animations and short films and comics and such... but i know i can offer so much more. I think with my setup as it has been may have been confusing for some people. Like hey theres that "mix-bag-timthescarecrow channel"!!!
So i figure, feck it! Lets embrace the mix bag! By taking out the episodic element to the food or project based videos, all videos just seem more natural and "in-the-flow" of things.
This does reduce them all to mere VLOGS, but who cares! Apparently thats what the YouTube community wants.
Since in my lifetime of collecting AdSense money i've made $0.06, there is no reason for me to push myself forward just to have most of my videos YellowFlagged anyway. I'll be figuring out a way to make my Patreon campaign more attractive in the coming weeks, assuming i survive the New Year.
Thoughts? Suggestions? Baking Twine?

Nov 20, 2017

My experience with sleep paralysis hallucinations...

>>A lot of what i'm about to say to a lot of the potential readers, is going to be old news.

If you've been following my journey from the beginning of all this way back in 2012ish you may remember i used to work the night shift at my job-place then come home and work on Welcome to Normality until i eventually fell asleep around 5 in the morning. This was my routine and it certainly had its negative effects on me like dizzy spells and constantly being "followed" by people in my peripheral vision.
For the sake of my health and being able to spend time with my wife and son i switched to the morning shift. This put me at work at 4am and able to be home with my family by 1pm. (and its a typical schedule i have still to this day)
Then the nightmares started. Working on WtN until i passed out from exhaustion prevented me from experiencing or remembering dreams, but when i started getting regular sleeping hours that all changed. Every single night (nearly) for the past 4 years i have had horrible nightmares, and things much worse than that, but i'll explain that in a moment...
Some nights they're simply "bad dreams" and i can forget them easily and dont even bother to bring them up, but most of the time it involves my children being taken from me in one way or another. If you dont have kids of your own, i hate to be that guy, but you REALLY dont know what its like to live with this fear. Most of the time in the nightmares, they scream and scream and i can still hear the screaming. The confusion and terror in my little babies cries makes me wish i would just die already.
On the worse nights i wake myself up. This is worse because when i finally fall back to sleep the torment will either continue where it left off or my bastard brain will think of some new torture.
Then came the twins.
What a wonderful first few months! I cant tell you how happy i was to be getting interrupted sleep, every 30 minutes it was either one or the other needing a bottle or diaper or something to keep me from dreaming. It sounds terrible that one of the "new parents" biggest complaints was my biggest relief, but its true. Well, now that they are over a year old they're starting to sleep through the night again.
Now comes the "things much worse" part.
Way back i posted somewhere (either here or deviantART) my experience i had as a child with "aliens". I, for the fuck of it, couldnt find this post, so to summarize... When i was a wee lad i would still sleep in the same bed as my mom, i woke up one night to two tall white figures with large black eyes standing at the foot of my bed. They weren't scary (at the time) and they reached out and took my hands. I then remember my mom holding me whilst i was crying saying the monsters had taken me. A few days or so later i was watching a hit tv show "Unsolved Mysteries" and instantly broke down crying when they discussed a case about an alien abduction and showed the dramatic reenactment aliens. I remember (and my mom remembers this, too) pointing out that those were the monsters who had taken me and that i had never seen anything about aliens before that moment.
Whats this got to do with nightmares?
About a year ago i found out about sleep paralysis hallucinations. Ive known about sleep paralysis for some time and have actually experienced it myself (more often than i had realized). Before finding out about the hallucinations, i had just thought it was some weird type of lucid dreaming that happened to everybody.
My examples being simple, i would wake up, try to move, realize i was still paralyzed, panic slightly and wait to regain control of my body. I honestly thought this was normal until last year when i found out that only 20 or 30% of people surveyed had had these experiences.
The people who hallucinate oddly seem to all see the same set of things. An old hag. Shadow men. Tall white figures with black eyes. Finding out about this started a wildfire of curiosity and weeks of further research on my part.
Ive found several theorists that seem to think its people being abducted by aliens and some of the memory is slipping through or, you know, general bat-shit.
But i have a theory of my own. I believe humans and the human brain try their damnedest to rationalize and make explanations for the unknown. I believe that "ALIENS" as pop culture depicts them is a byproduct of the human brain trying to put a face to sleep paralysis. Think about it, i was a kid who had never seen aliens before yet i could describe them exactly as the media would. So no, they werent aliens at first, just tall white figures with black spots, probably from a glare, eye floaters, or general distortion the imagination creates when you look into the dark. I think enough people saw these white figures in their sleep and decided it HAD TO BE real.
Anyway, conspiracy theory out of the way...
So i now blame nearly every unexplained encounter on my fucked up sleep paralysis hallucinations. The time when i was a kid was the ONLY time i had ever seen anything during my paralysis up until recently. While living in the apartments i awoke to find a glowing soft-orange disc above our bed, i managed to yell "FUCK" which woke up my wife and got the disc to go away.
And now... The bathroom door in the hallway, it is just a door, not a shadow man... until i fall asleep. I am fully aware he isnt real but still he watches me and he's been watching me for the past month and i feel like im losing my mind. I havent told my wife about it because i dont want her to worry but im making this post because i HAVE to say something to anyone willing to read this.
I've been trying to stay up late and i avoid going to bed, but my wife keeps falling asleep on the couch and insists we go to bed early where we both work the morning shift. I want to be mad at her for making me go to bed at a reasonable time, but that makes me feel like a piece of shit because she isnt really doing anything wrong. She doesnt know about the man in the hallway and i dont want her to, but i still resent her for it.
The fuck is wrong with me?

Nov 15, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 111517

Wife's Chili

Dutch Apple Pie

Django Under a Black Light

Really need to catch up on some work, also got a few things i want to "talk about" on here. I'll be back.

Nov 6, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 110617

Visual Log October 2017


November Patreon Sketch time lapse 1 of 1

Dry Rub Chicken Wings: FOOD TIME Episode 8

Crafting a Tire Swing: Doin Things Episode 3

Holy Chet! Thass some videos! To be fair, some of these videos are older than a week old but feck it. We gots a Visual Log for October, the promo video for that Final Harvest thing (today is the last day of that BTW), another Patreon Sketch time lapse video, a chicken wings food time, and a tire swing doin things!
Phew! Would you like to receive your own TimTheScarecrow signed sketch in the mail? Consider joining my baswe ass Patreon! I post ERRYTHING there!

Oct 2, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 100217

Visual Log September 2017

TimTheScarecrow channel logos 2012-2017

LETS GO to The Orchard!

October Patreon Sketch time lapse 1 of 1

I wont be including the INKtober Sketch videos in these weekly video roundup posts cuz... theres gonna be a lot. If you REALLY care aboot em though, why not subscribe to my channel on YouTube? Or even follow me on Twitter... or something drastic like support me on Patreon?

Sep 25, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 092517

Feeding My Albino Corn Snake

Giving Myself a Coffee Cup Tattoo

How I Pick Up and Handle My Asian Forest Scorpion

A snake, tattoo, and a scorpion... normal stuff, right? Visual Log coming tomorrow!
If you're wondering why i made the scorpion one... im no expert but i do see bad advice given to scorpion owners A WHOLE FECK TON OF A LOT and i feel that with great power comes great responsatility.

Sep 18, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 091817

My Reptiles 2017

Feeding My Asian Forest Scorpion

Doin animal videos for the next lil bit, then October will be pretty intense with the uploading, and expect some FOOD TIME in November!

Aug 7, 2017

Found an art thief! ...yay

This companion cube design thing is getting out of hand...
You're probably here knowing what my style is and how I tend to create "rough" looking art. Well as ive mentioned a couple times before I applied my style to the famous Companion Cube from Portal. Apparently my rendition of the character blew right the fuck up and is EVERYWHERE now!
Yay right? Kinda.
Ive seen 2 separate strangers get my design tattooed and credited me for the design which is insanely flattering since its just fan art, ya know? Not to mention tons of other artists doing THEIR renditions of other things in MY style claiming that "this design was inspired by TimTheScarecrow and his art"... which is also really fecking flattering!

But now I see on redbubble theres at least one person selling my exact design in sticker form... and claiming he is the original artist. WHAT THE ACTUAL HORSE FUCK!?!

I don't give a rats ass if people sell my artwork and make the moneys off of it... just don't lie about who made it. I filed a copyright complaint with redbubble and im hoping something gets done about it cuz that shit is whack!

Heres the original post of my artwork on deviantART

and here is "his" work

he just cropped out the poem! No editing to the picture, no re draw, nothing! mother fuck this makes me mad.
Here is a fine example of something that "irritates me" but doesn't make me want to punch holes in walls...

This guy is clearly inspired by my stylized portrayal of the character, he doesn't give me any credit for the design, but to be honest he doesn't need to. He took the design and RE DREW it. Which is perfectly okay. Does it irritate me that I got no credit? A little, barely. Cuz this guy made it his own. Not like the cum bubble above who just straight up took my painting and cropped it into a sticker.

EDIT: Just got a confirmation email from redbubble, they are looking into it.

Jul 2, 2017

Someone ELSE got my Portal fan art tatted!

This guy right here.
He left a comment on my last post about someone getting this tattooed saying he had just got this done yesterday and left a link to this!
This is super awesome and really (for some reason) means a lot to me.
His Blogger name was "Unknown" so i wont post his name or anything.
>> unless otherwise told <<

Jun 19, 2017

Weekly Video Roundup 061917

Aliens Exposed!

Chip Lancer Teaser

Creamy Lemon Pepper Chicken Pasta: FOOD TIME Episode 6

Woot woot! This week had some interesting uploads. Another FOOD TIME along with a teaser trailer for The Daring Adventures of Chip Lancer, Space Salesman! ...and some weird conspiracy theory? Dafuq?
I've got a visual log coming and maybe another video or two and that'll be a wrap up before the "mid-season break" or whatever im calling it.
As always im posting even more (and secret) content on my Patreon, so you should check that out if you want more!