Jun 20, 2021

Important update about the Subscribe by Email thang.

 2 posts in a day? Who the feck let me out of the basement?

But in all for seriousnesses. The RSS to Email feature provided by feedburner is being discontinued next month. So to the 7 of you who are currently signed up for email updates on new blog posts, i have a plan, lol.
Feedburner suggested i download your current list of emails and switch you all over to a new service provider, but those are all money and im one of them cheap people. But bright side, i finally got around to looking at who all was subscribed and it warmed my jellies seein some of your names, i honestly thought i was sending the emails off into the void lol.

So instead of just assuming you're all okay with me giving your email addresses out to another 3rd party without consent, imma make it really easy for you.

send an email to timthescarecrow@gmail.com saying something along the lines of "im in" "put it in my feed" "i like it when youre in my inbox"
Be sure to send this confirmation email WITH the address you want subbed here. I will then manually send out the notification emails each new post. NOTHING MORE. (unless we're friends and already have eachothers emails, pff obviously)
I will not SPAM you or send you unsolicited duck, chicken, or turkey pics. The subscription is for timthescarecrow.com post updates ONLY.

Beware I Live (i know right?)

 I hunger, i live.

I recommended a friend watch Where the Dead go to Die and When Black Birds Fly recently. They were met with approval, so loading up another batch of suggestions, friend goes "are those linked on your website, too?".

Im one of those shy mofos that does ZERO advertising for my art self in the irl world, so this took me back a bit.

Basically, name was seen in When Black Birds fly credits, sleuthing was done and the website was found. Bravo, brava, burrito, potato.

Then i remembered that i havent posted shit since January, so beware..  i live (Jemilla i know how you worry, yes im eating enough).

So i searched myself to see what all there was to see and apparently I, and WtN have imdb pages, i was previously unaware of this so thats cool i guess? Also my companion cube painting is still making the rounds on pinterest and tattoo blogs, dont even care anymore. So my social network scrub isnt 100% but oh well. Ill live forever on someones ankle tattoo.

Updates? Updates!

Been working on the farmhouse and homestead life. Planted a feck ton of fruit trees and already raising like 30+ chickens and turkeys. Plan on getting bees back next spring along with alpacas and sheep. Tearing down and building new walls in the house. Complete madnessssss. I WILL post actual pictures and before/afters once the homesteads where i want it to be. That will be on my previously-used-for-gaming YT channel.

Unfortunately homestead homie life isnt leaving much time or physical space for Studio Oyashiro life. There is no place in the cabin to really work on anything, and lumber prices are 300x where they should be right now so building the 2nd cabins gonna have to wait. The lack of workspace has given me time to write and storyboard at least. So im 2 steps in on a couple announced projects but theres nothing interesting to flash infront of your faces lol.

If youre wondering what to expect from overhyped projects like, say, The Freaks of LampCord... Ill say that rotoscope is underappreciated and that black n white was always enough.

Jan 6, 2021

The flow of it all: self destruction and eventual rebirth.

When you're young and full of hot air you make calls you later look back on and think only of how stupid and self absorbed you must look to your peers.

The other day i woke up before the sun and saw my wife off to work as i always do. Then i made coffee, sat with my cat and waited for the kids to get up. The sun started to peak over the mountains and i decided to let it in. The horses were coming down the hill and the frosted grass was starting to fog in the direct sunlight.

I decided, in that moment, that i just didnt give a single fuck about anything else anymore. These past 6 months i achieved something i initially thought would take me 16 YEARS to. And now that i am where i want to be, am i happy? Well, kinda? Lets be honest, i doubt i ever will be, im human and we humans are selfish little shits who obsess over what is to come "next" in our lives.

But am i content? Yea, i wouldnt say i settled, that has an inherent negative implication. But being in the woods in the middle of nowhere every morning has really put things into perspective for me. I simply don't give a fuck about what happens beyond the visible horizon anymore.

Out here internet is spotty (using a cell phone's activated hot-spot) and most days i dont even turn it on. Why? In an age where everything and everyone is connected, how is it im so content just shutting it all off? Peace. The internet abhors peace and tranquility. If there isnt gossip, drama, scandal or politics to discuss, what is there? Pop culture? Sure, thats neutral enough right? Everyone enjoys entertainment otherwise it wouldnt be... entertainment. No. Not anymore. Pop culture isnt about fans unifying under common interests or good story time fun, nah. Its all a platform for discussing the drama, scandals, and politics. If you have any kind of status in society you're expected to use that status as a platform to discuss some bullshit social and political issues that no one really gives a flying fuck about.

See? One paragraph discussing the internet and its already got me in a foul mood.

The thing about being a person "in the media" as i would think i am on a micro-scale, is that i dont have to be a part of the "social media". I've really been inspired going off the grid and kinda following the paths of people like Hunter S. Thompson and Richard Stanley. You don't need to know what i had for breakfast or how my day has been to be able to appreciate what stories i tell.

Ive deleted the bulk of my social media accounts and removed all previous posts here on the site. I've also removed myself from several other people's projects that were in the works. No creative differences or anything, just looking for a fresh start. Im going after projects i scrapped when i was younger because i was a coward. There are entire concepts and scenes and stories that ive had to cut in the past because "well, no one will like this but me" or "this might be seen as offensive".

Nah. Fuck it. Living in a cabin in the woods has brought out the grumpy old fart in me, the one without the filter who doesnt care how people see him. If i feel i have to put on a character to be here, then im not here.

Still here? Good, stick around. I have such sights to show you.